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Book Collections on CDrom and DVDrom

Collections of PDF Books that I Sell 

I only ship to the United States (include your email address in the payment so I can let you know when your disk ships) - Prices vary. but they are very low

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The History & Mythology of the Native American Indian, 100 Books on DVDrom

Edgar Wallace, Hitler's Favorite Crime Author, 12 Books to Download

The Book of Enoch - 30 Books to Download

Edward Bellamy and Socialist Science Fiction - 25 Books to Download

Haunted Ireland - 25 Books to Download

The Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe to Download

The Wisdom of Emanuel Swedenborg - 70 Books on DVDrom

The Life and Writings of Jane Austen, 30 Books on CDrom

The Best Victorian Literature, Over 100 Books on DVDrom

Unitarianism & Universalism - 100 Books on DVDrom

The Mysteries of the Gospel of John, 100 Books on DVDrom

Over 220 Books on the Occult and Astrology on DVDrom

The Mysteries of the Bible Book of Genesis - 100 Books on DVDrom

The History & Mysteries of the Jesuits, 50 Books on CDrom

The Mystery of the Great Pyramid - 100 Books on DVDrom

Erasmus the Reformer-40 Books on DVDrom

Dangers of Spiritism & the Occult - 60 Books on CDrom

The Curiosities & Mysteries of DEATH - 250 Books on DVDrom

The Cure for Cancer - 60 Books on CDrom [Alternative Cures & Treatments]

Symbology and Ancient Symbolism - 100 Books on DVDrom

The Gospel According to St Paul - 100 Books on DVDrom

Alcoholic & Narcotic History of the World - 60 Books on CDrom

The Mystery Religions and Ancient Deities - 200 Books on DVDrom

200 Books on DVDrom on Islam and the Koran

Alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone and the Hidden Wisdom of the World,  100 Books on DVDROM

400 Books on Christian Denominations, Movements and Sects on TWO DVDROMs

Capitalism in America & the Captains of Industry, 100 Books on DVDrom

Alternative Medicine & Spiritual Healing - 170 Books on DVDrom

The American Revolution 1775-1783 - 100 Books on DVDrom

Is there Life After Death? 170 Books on DVDrom

Norse Mythology & Viking Legends - 100 Books on DVDrom

70 Penny Dreadfuls, Dime Novels & Gothic Fiction Books on DVDrom

Who Really Discovered America? - 90 Books on DVDrom (Vikings, Welsh, Irish, Chinese etc)

Jewish History & Mystery - 220 Books on DVDrom

Babylon, Sumer, Egypt & Other Ancient Civilizations - 200 Books on DVDrom

Over 70 Dictionaries of the Bible & Christianity on DVDrom

Fairy Legends & Faery Mythology - 75 Books on DVDrom

The Religions of the World - 250 Books on DVDrom

The Mysteries of the Sea - 200 Books on DVDrom (Titanic, Atlantis, Pirates etc)

350 Books on German Philosophy on DVDrom (Kant, Nietzsche, Hegel, Schopenhauer)

The Ayn Rand Companion - Over 300 Books on DVDROM

Bible Difficulties & Scripture Contradictions - 130 Books on DVDrom

300 Books on DVD on Christian Cults & Sects (Adventism, Mormon, Amish etc)

The King James Version Bible Companion: 100 Books on DVDrom

200 Books on DVDrom on the Canon & Lost Books of the Bible (Lilith, Apocrypha)

Esperanto and other Invented Languages - 40 Books on CDrom

50 Books on Suicide (Philosophical, Psychological and Theological) on CDrom

145 Rare Divine Name Bibles & Testaments on One DVDrom

The Trinity Doctrine & Christology - Over 320 Books on the on TWO DVDroms

The Philosophy & Study of EVIL, 100 Books on DVDrom

Events that Changed the World - Over 200 Books on DVDrom

The Interpretation and Psychology of Dreams - 60 Books on Cdrom

The American Civil War - 220 Books on DVDrom

Josephus, Philo & Church History - 200 Books on DVDrom

Communicating with the Dead (Spirit World), 100 Books on DVDrom

Early Church (Ante-Nicene)Fathers - 200 Books on DVDrom

The Philosophy of Hume, Voltaire & Priestley - 160 Books on DVDROM

100 Books on the Kabbalah on DVDrom

200 Books on DVDROM on Satan the Devil

Over 200 Books that have CHANGED the World on DVDrom (plus Harvard Classics)

250 Classic Books in Economics (Political Economy) on DVDrom

The Number 666, the Beast & the Apocalypse - Over 250 Books on DVDROM

Killing Abraham Lincoln - 40 Books on CDrom

The Occult Spirit World and the Bible - 170 Books on DVDrom

Notorious Criminals, Crimes and Criminology - 100 Books on DVDrom

Forbidden & Condemned by the Catholic Church - 150 Books on DVDrom

The Existence of God (Does God Exist) - 300 Books on DVDrom

Mind Reading, Telepathy, Hypnotism, 60 Books on CDrom (Mentalism, Suggestion)

Fortune Telling, Crystal Gazing, Palmistry, 60 Books on CDrom

The History of the English Bible - 125 Books on DVDrom (United Kingdom, England)

Learn to Draw, Sketch and Paint - 100 Books on DVDrom

The Legend & Quest of the Holy Grail - 50 Books on Cdrom

The Lost Continent of Atlantis - 100 Books on DVDrom

Over 100 Lost, Hidden, & Strange Books of the Bible on DVDROM

Over 200 PDF Books on American History on DVDrom

Folk Medicine, Alternative Remedies and Herbal Cures - 100 Books on DVDrom

110 Septuagint Books + More on DVDrom

Studies in the Hebrew Language - 100 Books on DVDrom

Learn Chinese & Other Asian Languages - 100 Books on DVDrom

Spiritism and Spiritualism - 120 Books on DVDrom

Forgotten Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings - 100 Books on CDrom

Witches and Witchcraft - 120 Books on DVDrom

Pirates and Buccaneers, 50 Books on CDrom

Over 250 Rare Bibles on 2 DVDroms

The Oldest English Bibles (Matthews, Coverdale, Bishop's Bible) on DVDrom

Over 100 Books on Vampires and Werewolves on DVDrom

The Grimmest & Darkest Fairy Tales - 50 Books on CDrom

100 Rare New Testament Translations and Versions

Over 170 Books on DVDrom on Lost Christianities & Early Sects

Mormonism Unveiled - 300 Books on DVDrom

Waldenses, Huguenots, Albigenses & Hussites - 120 Books on DVDrom

The Titanic & Other Naval Disasters - 50 Books on CDrom

300 Books on DVDrom for Libertarians, Objectivists, Anarchists & Voluntaryists

175 Classic Books in Psychology on DVDrom (Psychopathology, Psychoanalysis etc)

200 of the Oldest Books on Fantasy and Science Fiction on DVDrom

100 of the Scariest and Creepiest Books on DVDrom

100 Old Testament Commentaries on DVDrom

200 PDF Books on the American Wild West on DVDrom

110 PDF Books on Catholic Theology and Doctrine on DVDrom

Magic and Card Tricks, 50 Books on Cdrom

300 PDF Books on the Oldest Crime and Murder Mysteries on DVDrom

170 PDF Books on Chinese Philosophy and Thought on DVDrom

100 PDF Books on DVDrom on Science and Religion on DVDrom

The Philosophy of Socialism/Communism - 300 Books on DVDrom

The Philosophy of Plato, Socrates & Aristotle - 200 Books on DVDrom

The Pagan Christ - 200 PDF Books on DVDrom

Advanced Biblical Greek Grammar - 200 Books on DVDrom

The Dark Side of Abraham Lincoln  - 50 Books on CDrom

310 Holy Books & Sacred Texts of the World on DVDrom (Koran, Talmud, Eddas Etc)

Bibles You're Not Supposed to Read - 100 Books on DVDrom

The Historical Jesus Debate - 100 Books on DVDROM

125 Books on Angels & Angelology on DVDrom

60 Rare Bibles that do not use the word HELL on Dvdrom

Descartes and Spinoza, Kant and Hume - 200 Books on DVDrom

Fun with Mathematics - Over 250 PDF Books on DVDrom (Math History & Fiction)

The Pagan Origin of the Trinity Doctrine - 60 Books on CDrom

The Philosophy of Nietzsche - 100 Books on CDrom

Christianity of Buddhist/Hindu Origins? 60 Books on CDrom

375 Books on DVDrom on Scripture Disputes and Debates

Was Jesus a Socialist or Communist? 50 Books on CDrom

Learn Spanish - 125 Books on DVDrom

200 Books on DVDrom For Presbyterians and Calvinists

The Number 13 & Other Superstitions - 100 Books on DVDROM

The USA a Christian Nation - Over 50 Books on CDrom

300 Books on Darwin, Darwinism, Creation & Evolution on DVDrom

Over 320 Books on DVDrom on Thinkers and Philosophy (Logic etc)

A Bible Translated by Ghosts &100 Other Books on DVDrom

Over 310 PDF Books on DVDrom for Atheists & Agnostics

Seventh-day Adventism Renounced & 100 other Books on DVDrom

The Supernatural and the Bizarre - 250 Books on DVDrom

Over 100 Foreign Language Older Bibles on DVDrom

Learn Latin - 60 Books on CDrom

Over 250 Books on DVDrom on Mythology, Gods and Legends

Over 50 Rare Paraphrased Bible Versions on DVDrom

The Murder of Michael Servetus by John Calvin - 50 Books on CDrom

Who Really Wrote Shakespeare's Plays? 50 Books on CDrom

100 Rare New Testament Commentaries on DVDrom

Over 70 Rare Bible Commentaries on DVDrom - PDF Books

Over 300 Books on DVDrom for Libertarians & Objectivists

Over 200 Banned, Controversial & Forbidden Books on DVD

The Talmud and 200 other Jewish Writings on DVDrom

The Book of YAHWEH & 200 Other Divine Name Books on DVD

Biblical Hoaxes, Fraud and Forgeries - Many Books on CDrom

Over 180 Forbidden and Lost Books of the Bible

200 Books on DVDrom on the Dark Side of Christianity

The New World Translation Companion DVDROM - 100 Books

The Hitler Library - The Books that Hitler Read on CDROM

Freemasonry and Other Secret Societies - Over 120 Books on DVDrom

Theosophy, Blavatsky,New Age & Kabbala- 120 Books on DVDrom

Over 70 Rare Reference Study Bibles & Books on DVDROM

Learn New Testament Bible Greek (+ Greek Testaments) - 200 Books on DVDrom

The Science & Appreciation of Classical Music - 175 Books on DVDROM

Learn Old Testament Hebrew - 200 Books on DVDrom

Bible Versions from Ancient Coptic, Syriac, Latin, Aramaic CDROM

Native American Indian Bibles - 50 Books on CDrom

4 Editions of the Geneva Bible + Coverdale Bible CDROM

200 Books on DVDROM of Early Watchtower Related Books

Many Gaelic, Welsh, Saxon & Scots Bibles on One CDROM

Over 60 Different Editions of the KJV Bible on DVDrom

Catholics and the Bible, 100 Books on DVDrom

Forbidden Knowledge and the Occult - 300 Books on DVDrom

170 Books on New Testament Textual Criticism DVDrom

The Book of Enoch and 100 Other Odd Bibles on DVDrom

Twenty Rare Unitarian Bibles & Testaments on One CDROM

200 Books Your Church DOESN'T Want You to Read on DVDrom

300 Books on DVDrom by the Smartest People in History

The Baptism - Immersion Debate - Many Books on CDROM

Emphatic Diaglott Interlinear Bible - 70 Books on DVDrom

Is the Cross a Pagan Symbol? 70 Books on DVDROM

215 Books on DVDrom about Christian & Bible Theology

The Pagan Origins of Christmas - 40 Books on CDROM

Catholic Apologetics (Catholic Beliefs Defended) - 200 PDF Books on DVDROM

Roman Catholic Controversy - 310 PDF Books on DVDrom

Divine Name Controversy & Mysteries - Many Books on CD

Bible Defense of Slavery and other Southern books on CD

Thayer's Greek English Lexicon plus more on CDROM

Gutenberg Bible on CDROM in Color + KJV-Only Books

Codex Sinaiticus & Vaticanus & Alexandrinus Greek, 70 Books on DVDROM

Over 200 PDF Books on the Christology & Deity of Christ on DVDrom

200 Books on DVDROM on the Trinity Doctrine Debate